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We’re a happy friendly doctors office in Oklahoma.  Upon arrival you will fill out a standard medical history form and follow all FMCSA rules and regulations.

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Our Oklahoma DOT Physical Doctor Knows The Rules

Each driver is required to complete the Health History section on the first page of the examination report and certify that the responses are complete and true. The driver must also certify that he/she understands that inaccurate, false or misleading information may invalidate the examination and medical examiner’s certificate.

FMCSA relies on your Oklahoma medical examiner’s clinical judgment to decide whether additional information should be obtained from the driver’s treating physician. Deliberate omission or falsification of information may invalidate the examination and any certificate issued based on it. A civil penalty may also be levied against the driver under 49 U.S.C. 521(b)(2)(b), either for making a false statement of for concealing a disqualifying condition.

What to bring with you for your DOT Physical:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Glasses, contact lenses
  • Hearing aids
  • List of Medications
  • Federal Vision or Diabetes Waiver
  • Skills Performance Evaluation Certificate
  • Medical records from your primary care provider
    • Especially if you have any of the following:  cardiac disease, diabetes, sleep disorders, neurologic disease, physical impairment or take medication for pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, sleep disorders, muscle psychiatric disorders, or ADD/ADHD, spasms, or smoking cessation

Our DOT Physical Exam Doctor Is Looking Forward To Meeting You

Your Oklahoma DOT Exam doctor can answer any questions you may have regarding the CDL and DOT Medical Card Requirements.  Call us today at (405) 233-8498.

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Oklahoma DOT Physical Doctor
Oklahoma Certified Medical Examiner for DOT Physical Exam

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DOT Medical Card | DOT Physical Exam | CDL Medical Card | CDL Physical Exam

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